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Antimicrobrial Surface Coating


Protect where you Live. Work. Play.

Extending Our Service with a Strong Partnership

We believe that to achieve our goal of being a step above the rest and exceeding client expectations, our team needs to consist of experienced and friendly professionals, and this extends to those that we chose to partner with too.

We are confident that partnering with Integral Services Group was the right decision. We hold the same values and just like us, the client’s needs are always central to the solutions they offer.  We are excited to now be including their Integral Surface Protection Program to our portfolio.

What is the ISP Program?

The ISP program is powered by AEGIS, the world’s most widely used antimicrobial surface coating. It’s a spray-on durable antimicrobial that bonds on all surfaces and creates a protective layer that eradicates germs, microbes, and harmful pathogens on contact for up to 12 months with a single spray-on application. Since AEGIS is chemical-free, it means that it is 100% safe to touch, and it doesn’t degrade the surfaces that it is applied to.

Benefits of the ISP Program are more efficient cleaning regimes which saves you money in the long run, peace of mind that the treated facility is safe as surfaces will have 24/7 protection, and improved public image as those that enter your facility will know that you are taking every step you can to keep them safe.

 Who can benefit from it?  

If you have people coming and going from your building than you can benefit from the additional protection provided for by the ISP Program.

Residential Cleaning

Do you love welcoming people into your home? But the responsibility of keeping your family and your visitors’ safe holds you back or makes you nervous? With the ISP Program you can have your home treated with a best-in-class cleaning program. Treated surfaces will have a durable layer of protection on them meaning that they are kept safe, even in-between your own standard clean-ups.

 Commercial & Office Cleaning

When employees and building visitors enter a facility, it is the building operator’s responsibility to make sure the spaces they are entering are clean and safe and to provide them with the peace of mind that their safety is the number one priority. With the ISP Program, we can help stop the spread of germs and by doing so we can help to keep each other healthier and safer all year round.

Air BnB/ Investment Property Cleaning

Short-term renting is a great way to get the most out of an additional property. However, one thing that must be considered is the regular turnover of visitors. With heavy foot traffic, it’s important to take every measure possible to ensure the property remains clean and safe. This gives the homeowners the peace of mind that their property remains hygienic and gives guests the comfort of knowing their safety comes first.

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