Check out these ways to organize your bathroom!

No matter the size of your bathroom, you can make it organized. There are some standard organizing practices that every bathroom should stick to. Ideally, you’ll have a functional and aesthetically pleasing spot for storing necessities like toilet paper, towels, and dental tools. 

Diva Tip #1: store small items in cute containers (depending on your style)

Small cute containers, such as mason jars, can make a huge difference in keeping the area organized and pretty at the same time. Containers and jars are perfect for vertical usage of the vertical free space in a cupboard. While tidying up the bathroom, a good rule to follow is to group similar objects together. Cotton balls, cotton swabs, and various objects might each have their own container. 

Diva Tip #2: Put all liquid soaps into matching bottles/jars

Many people have more than one bottle of shampoo and soap sitting around the bathroom, especially in the shower or bathtub. If you want to adopt a minimalist, aesthetic approach to your bathroom, matching your bottles is one way to go about it. Put all your toiletries, such as shampoo and conditioner, into similar containers. A matching set of containers can make the space look clutter-free & stunning. 

Diva Tip #3: Put frequently used items on the wall with cute hooks

Consider the bathroom essentials that you use on a daily basis when getting ready such as robes, towels, or even products in a cute hanging bag. If you intend to use the space for applying makeup or a skincare routine, you may wish to mount some detachable storage bins on the wall. You can either build a caddy to fit your needs or buy one already made.

Diva Tip #4: Keep the tissue papers in a basket

Extra rolls of toilet paper can be conveniently stored on the rear side of the toilet. On the other hand, that can make things look disorderly and unpleasant. You can do several things to make this space a more desirable place to keep things. To keep your toilet paper from being seen, you can, for instance, purchase a basket that can be placed on top of your toilet, that matches your style. 

Diva Tip #5: Use the space under the sink as storage

You can better use the area under the sink by purchasing some transparent plastic storage containers from The Home Edit, of varied sizes to store items inside. Identify the contents of each container by labeling them appropriately (you can even use cute labels). Find stackable bins or get a box with drawers if there are no shelves under the sink. Always use the bins for what they were intended, and make sure everyone follows the labels.

Diva Tip #6: Put shelves above your toilet

Standard-sized toilets can be managed by several shelf systems available on the market. These units often have a plain appearance. The space above the toilet is an excellent option for open, customized shelves. If you build your own shelves, you may better coordinate them with the rest of your furnishings.

Hopefully these help you keep your bathroom, no matter how big or small, organized & beautiful.