Do I have to be home when you come to clean?

No you don’t. You can provide us with access to your home with a key, a door/ garage code, you can buzz us in, or you can be there to let us in then leave if you like and we will be happy to lock up.

What extras can I add?

You can add on to any service:

  • Range interior
  • Fridge interior
  • Cabinet interiors
  • Drawer interiors
  • Pantry interior
  • Cabinet interiors
  • Drawer interiors
  • Closet interiors

We do need to have a heads up before your service to allow & book time for these.

What forms of payments do your accept?

We accept credit cards & email money transfers which you will pay after your service is complete & your invoice is sent to you. No cash.


What about my pets?

We love animals! You know your pet best, so feel free to crate them or let them roam while we clean. Some pets are totally disinterested in us after the initial greeting, some attack vacuums or are scared… you can let us know what to expect and how we can accommodate our furry clients.


Does my dog have to be crated?

Only if you think it would be best for your dog or our safety.


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Areas of Service

Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. provides commercial office cleaning, window cleaning and residential cleaning in Dufferin County (Orangeville, Shelburne, Mulmur, Mono), Erin,  Brampton, Caledon, Alliston, Bolton, & GTA.