After many years of cleaning our own homes, and then our clients homes, with products that did an “ok” job, or “smelled nice”, or we weren’t supposed to put down the drain, we felt it was time to develop our own product line that did an amazing job, were naturally scented, were able to be flushed, and didn’t burn your eye balls while cleaning with it. 

When our CEO wanted to start this project, she searched all over the world, literally one formula was in Costa Rica, and it worked extremely well along with being non toxic & safe for the earth. However, as this project began just as covid19 started, supply & stock would have been a major issue. 

Then that is how we found Nitmoi Labs, right here in Orangeville Ontario. 

Nitmoi Labs has a mission that we could stand behind, when it came to developing our products – to develop and provide sustainable cleaning solutions for industry, using renewable, re-growable resources. 

We worked with them to develop the perfect products, create & design our labels, and get the products in our offices so our staff could use them to clean your homes. Later, we had tons of people wanting to purchase them for use in between our service visits, furthermore, people who weren’t even clients of ours wanting them. 

We have in total 9 products. An all purpose disinfectant cleaner, an all purpose oxygen cleaner (equivalent to a bleach), an all purpose floor cleaner, a bathroom/toilet bowl cleaner, a degreaser, 2 scents in a fabric/air refresher, an oven cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, and a window cleaner. 

You can find information about the products on the website, or on our social media pages. You can also purchase our products on our website, and in our Orangeville location storefront at 19 Robb Blvd Unit 1 Orangeville, Monday to Friday 830-1230. 

If you have any questions about our product line, please feel free to email us at or come on in & we can answer your questions, and send you some with some samples to try! 

We promise you wont regret switching from Lysol & Mr. Clean, to Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. Luxury Cleaning Products.