We thought we would take this time to answer some FAQ’s we receive when we get an inquiry, or send a quote, so you can better understand the method behind the madness. 

When we first receive an inquiry, we always respond quickly, asking to schedule a virtual zoom consultation. Many of you ask “why a virtual/zoom consultation?” First question. Keep in mind, it wasn’t always this way – we only implemented this when COVID19 first came into play, and we had to limit doing in home consultations. However, after doing virtual consultations for over 2 years now, we have realized how safe, efficient, and professional this process is. 

Prior to us doing virtual consultations, we would spend approx. 2-3 hours per each consultation, when it came down to driving there, doing the walk through, answering questions, taking notes, and driving back to the office to do a quote & send it over as quickly as possible, it was a time waster for sure. Now, we can do 8-10 of them in a day & get you your quote within 10-15 minutes of “meeting”. 

Along with efficiency, comes safety. Our number one priority is keeping our staff safe. Before virtual consultations, we would get an email or phone call, a name & an address, not knowing who we are meeting, where we are going, or if the place even really exists. Then we would meet a stranger in an unknown location/area, and hope they weren’t a serial killer, and if not, provide our new client with a quote & off we went. All jokes aside, now, we can meet the person virtually, see who they are, what they look like, what the home looks like (not a bunker in the middle of a forest), and consider it “for real” and get a sense of the person/job before even stepping on site. We can ask the questions, give the answers, and form a relationship with you, prior to putting any of our staff in danger of unknown people or locations. This then makes us feel much better about sending our staff into a location without knowing where they are going, or who they are meeting. AND, if zoom doesn’t work for you, we are also okay with FaceTime or Google Meet – whatever works for you! 

We hope you understand our virtual consultation process & can appreciate why we do this! 

Second question: “Is the Initial Deep Clean absolutely necessary?”. 

Yes. It is. We have done this long enough & have had plenty of experiences where we get a client who claims they don’t need a deep clean, and only kitchens, bathrooms, and floors are important. So we book them in, clean for the time quoted & what they are looking for, and after their first visit, we get “everything was amazing, however, I wouldn’t mind my baseboards dusted next time”. But, what the client doesn’t know, is we DID dust the baseboards, so they are no longer dusty, but they are caked on with dirt & grime from years of not getting cleaned properly. So, the next time we go to their service visit, we are rushing like crazy, running a marathon, and sweating, to try & wash the baseboards to make sure the client can see the difference in the time we quoted for regular bi weekly services, even though the client said that wasn’t the most important thing. Now, after that visit, the client says “the baseboards look amazing, but it looks like they forgot to dust the blinds”…. you get the point. 

This just creates a constant “small amount of dissatisfied” service, each and every time. 

So, to avoid this, we do an initial deep clean service to get the house spic and span, and every ounce of the home cleaned top to bottom, so it is a clean slate, following our initial deep clean checklist. Then, we go into your desired schedule of weekly, bi weekly, or monthly services. At each of those, we follow our Sparkle Clean Checklist, which ensures, everything in the initial deep clean, minus inside the oven & fridge, is maintained & cleaned each and every time, so your baseboards don’t get built up, your blinds aren’t caked on with dust, and your walls aren’t covered in coffee drips, and you’re not finding things not completed every time. This keeps you & us on the same page, and the house sparkling, every single time. 

Finally, “Why can’t you come at 930 instead of 830? I like to sleep in.”

Im paying you to do a service, come when I ask you. Guys, seriously. We wish we could do this. However, along with everything else that we are awesome at, we are also awesome at keeping consistent schedules for our staff, AND our clients. If you request this, and try to have this happen, it pushes another amazing client our their time, because if we are supposed to be at the next clients by 130, and you have us at your home until 130 because you wanted to sleep in, then we will be late for the next client, or not getting everything done at yours so we can be at theirs for the right time. Either way, one of our clients are annoyed. So, we are better to keep the service time where it needs to be. We really don’t try to be difficult when we say no, but we do have many other clients to keep happy, too. Along with this, we guarantee our amazing divas (cleaners) a full time paycheque, and consistent work hours so they can have a wonderful work life balance. If they start at 930, they either have to work an hour later, interrupting their family time, or lose an hour on their paycheque all because you wanted to sleep in an extra hour. Were sure you can understand all of this.. PLEASE understand this. We don’t try to be difficult. Promise. 

If you have any other questions, we will answer them on here in another blog post! 

Stay Sparkly!