Air BnB/Investment Property Cleaning


Air BnB General Cleaning Checklist

All locations will be customized to their needs

Change Linens & Towels

  • Strip used linen, bed sheets, towels, bathmats and tea towels. Replace with fresh.

Clean Kitchen

  • Wash any dishes & put away – empty dishwasher.
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Check other appliances are empty, clean and functional (oven, toaster, coffee machine)
  • Check fridge – remove anything left behind by guests, wipe any spills, ensure consumables e.g. milk and condiments are re-stocked
  • Wipe down all kitchen cupboards
  • Vacuum out drawers & cupboards
  • Clean and polish sink, taps and other hardware.
  • Empty bins

Clean Bathroom

  • Sanitize and clean toilet
  • Shine sink and mirrors
  • Clean shower
  • Scrub glass shower screen and shine
  • Don’t forget to check drainholes/troughs
  • Empty bins
  • Vacuum our drawers & cupboards
  • Clean exterior vanity cupboards

Restock Consumables (if applicable)

What you choose to leave for your guests is up to you, but typically this would include: tea,
coffee, paper towel, bin liners, cling wrap, dish soap, sponges, facial
tissues, toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash.

Dust, Tidy, Reset

  • Spot dusting throughout: wipe down tables, surfaces, light switches and baseboards where
    needed. While you’re doing the dusting, check that guests haven’t left anything behind.
  • Make sure all lights are working (keep some spare light bulbs handy!), taps aren’t dripping or
    leaking, fans, air conditioning and heaters work and maybe keep a lamp on for your late
    check-in guests!
  • Tidy & reset: stack magazines, plump up cushions, straighten rugs, arrange decor items, leave
    out guest information booklets, redraw blinds and curtains

Sweep/Vac & Mop

  • Throughout entire property

Guest Ready Finishing Touches

  • This might include any extra touches you leave for your guests, such as chocolates, wine,
    flowers, bread & cheese or vouchers. If you have a welcome board, get that set up with
    the guests’ names. Check keys are returned and ready.

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Areas of Service

Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. provides commercial office cleaning, window cleaning and residential cleaning in Dufferin County (Orangeville, Shelburne, Mulmur, Mono), Erin,  Brampton, Caledon, Alliston, Bolton, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Blue Mountain, North Toronto including Vaughn and Woodbridge.